Where Are You? Course

Where Are You? Course

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God asked Eve and Adam after they had eaten that apple and learned they were not God - "Where are you?". even through He knew where they were - He was asking them to be personally responsible for telling Him...

Oh my friends, let's take this question and seriously look at what that means for us in light of Grace and Truth and how we live our lives. Let's look at how since we walked out of those gates of eden, we have learned to live horizontally for our worth, our safety, and how we have fostered a false sense of control based on fear. 

If you have done my Create Your Vision course, you know that we can get stuck in trying to live out what others think we should be and loose the true connection between what our heart says about our relationship with God and what the world tells us. This course is a dive into looking at boundaries, thinking habits, change, and the difference between knowing and controlling and being known and mindfully moving forward.  


  • You have completed my Create Your Vision Course
  • You are seeking the true connection between what your heart says about your relationship with God and what the world tells you it should be.
  • You want to learn to set boundaries, create good thinking habits, change, and mindfully move forward with your life. 

  • 8 week course

  • Online weekly group meetings

  • Workbook

  • Private Facebook Group

  • 1 Individual Coaching Call to set goals