Create Your Vision Course

Create Your Vision Course

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What's a vision board? It is more than a poster board where you assemble images that inspire you. It is a process that brings a clear and creative intention to your  business, life, or relationships. It starts with permission to dream, giving yourself permission to create, to make a mistake, to address resistance to this not being a perfect process! It is about permission to notice that what you leave off is as  important as what you include…


  • You need clarity for yourself, your business, your life or your relationships 
  • You want to define your vision 
  • You need permission to plan for the future


  • Workbook with prompts
  • Guidance in webinar from Charlotte
  • Identify Roadblocks
  • Outline Passion & Purpose
  • Set Boundaries & Goals
  • 3 Month, 1 Year, 5 Year Plans
  • Webinar Series